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Are you overwashing your hair?

People have different beliefs when it comes to how many times you should wash your hair. Hotter months even make this decision to be hard, since you are sweating and all you are thinking about is to wash your hair every day. Well, the truth is that washing your hair every day is very unhealthy for your hair for various reasons. As much as you may feel the urge to wash your hair every day, rethink that decision because of the following reasons.

  1. Dries out the Scalp

To wash your hair, you will need hair cleaning products to helps you remove all the dirt from your hair. Some of these hair products are harsh to the hair, and you can imagine the damage that the products cause to your hair and scalp when you use them daily.

The hair has its natural oils, and that is why your hair tends to become shiny even with no oil applied. When you use products on your hair daily, your hair is stripped of its natural oils, which leaves the hair dry. When your hair is dry, you will feel the urge to scratch your scalp and this will cause dandruff and hair flakes. Therefore, avoid washing your hair every day for healthy hair.

  1. Fades your Hair Color Faster

If you have color on your hair, then washing hair every day will fade the color very fast. Most of the toners that we use on the hair tend to fade away easily, especially when washed frequently. Therefore, the best way to ensure that your hair toner does not fade is to reduce frequent washes.

  1. Makes the Hair look Dull

Washing your hair every day causes your scalp to become dry since it cannot release your hair's natural oil. In turn, the hair becomes dull and does not have its natural shine. To restore the shine on your hair naturally, avoid washing your hair every day.

  1. Results to use of Heat on Hair

Overwashing your hair is one of the things that is making your hair not grow faster. This is because since the hair is uneasy to manage after a wash, you will be forced to use heat on your hair every day. You can imagine the damage that heat is causing to your hair. Your hair will break, you will have more split ends and there is no room for the hair to grow.

Therefore, if you want your hair to be healthy, have its natural shine, and grow faster and thicker, then you should avoid washing your hair every day. This is mainly because washing hair every day strips the hair of its natural oils which help in hair growth.

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