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Tips to keep your hair healthy

Tips to Make your Hair Healthy

Everyone wants a healthy hair, but the problem comes in when many do not know how to take care of their hair to achieve healthy results. You may have noticed that your hair is becoming fizzy and hard to detangle. Well, maybe it’s time that you consider trying a new hair routine and see how that goes. Below are some tips that will help you achieve healthier and longer hair that you have always desired.

1. Handle your hair with Care

This is a very important step to take when you want a healthy hair. Hair that is already damaged tends to be brittle. If you handle brittle hair roughly then the hair will break and become even fizzier. However, handling damaged hair with care, and being gentle whether it’s wet or dry will help restore the natural radiance of your hair.

To handle your hair with care, you can;
 Use your finger tips when massaging products into your hair.
 Use lukewarm water to rinse products off your hair.
 Avoid towel-drying your hair, instead gently squeeze water out of your hair and pat it dry
with an old t-shirt.

2. Let your hair air-dry

Most of the time we may be tempted to use heat to dry our hair. This is something that many
people cannot resist especially since the process is faster. However, for a healthy hair, you need to let your hair dry on its own after washing. This not only locks in moisture in the hair, but also helps in maintaining the natural glow of the hair.

3. Try heatless hairstyles

Frequent use of heat on hair tends to become an addiction overtime. It reaches a point where an individual has to straighten or flat iron her hair to feel beautiful. However, excess use of heat on hair causes more damage than good. Your hair may look beautiful and long in the short term, but in the long term, you will lose texture, and volume of your hair. Therefore, to increase length, and add volume on your hair, try heatless hairstyles.

4. Do not over wash your Hair

When you frequently wash your hair, it gets ripped off its natural oils that make the hair shinny and radiant. The more you wash your hair, the more it becomes fizzy and less shinny, and the end results is always a dull and damaged hair. It is advisable that you wash your hair one or twice a week, so that it can have enough time to recover its natural oils.
In addition to that, avoid using so many products on your hair. This makes it difficult to know the products that work well for your hair and those that do not. When using a shampoo, only use one shampoo and do not replace it with another one until your run out of it. Using one product at a time helps you to see how your hair reacts to different products and which products work magic on your hair.

5. Deep condition your hair once a Week

Deep conditioning helps in bringing your hair back to life by giving it its natural texture back. There are different deep conditioners in stores that you can use on your hair according to your hair type and needs. However, you can also make your own deep conditioner if you do not trust store products, and you can do this by following the steps below;

 Put a little water on your hair to dampen it.

 Apply a tablespoon or two of coconut or olive oil to your hair.

 Massage your hair well using your fingertips to ensure that the products sit in well and are evenly distributed on the hair.

 Use a shower cap to cover your hair.

 Let the oil sit on your hair for about an hour, and better off for the whole night.

 Shampoo your hair normally to rinse off the excess oils. It may take two or three washes
to completely rinse off the excess oils.

6. Use natural products

With natural products, you are sure of giving your hair all the nutrients that it needs without
worrying about the hair breaking or becoming frizzy. Natural hair products do not cause any damage to your hair unlike the over-the-counter products. For instance, for your hair mask, you can use avocado or even raw eggs and get the full benefits of these ingredients. Therefore, to restore damaged hair, or avoid causing further damage to the hair, switch to natural hair products.

7. Massage your Scalp

Massaging the hair is very important since it helps in improving the circulation of blood to the hair. This also helps in promoting the growth of new healthy hair. You should make it a habit of massaging your hair every time you get in the shower. Use your finger tips and massage your hair in circular motion ensuring that you cover every part of your hair.

8. Eat a well-balanced diet

A balanced diet is very essential in giving you a healthy hair. From a balanced diet, you get enough vitamins and nutrients, which will in turn make your hair, look healthy and shinny. Eat a balanced diet by incorporating proteins, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.

9. Hydrate

Stay hydrated at all times to get the healthy hair you have always desired. When you feel thirsty or hungry, grab your bottle of water first before resorting to coffee or food. After taking alcohol, ensure that you follow with many glasses of water so that you can keep your body hydrated and functioning well. This also has an impact on your hair since it makes your hair look healthy and shinny.

In summary, having a healthy hair is a goal that we should all strive to achieve. However, there are certain habits such as using heat on hair frequently, over-usage of products and drying hair with towel, all of which cause more harm than good to the hair. Therefore, all of the tips that have been mentioned above will help you in having a healthy hair.

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