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Why Heat is bad for your Hair?


There are people who prefer keeping natural hair whereas other prefers using heat on their hair. Using heat on hair only lasts for a short term, and makes your hair look beautiful for some time, but the damage that it causes is long term. Using heat products such as curling irons and straighteners are damaging your hair in the following ways;

  1. Makes the Hair Dry

Hair has its natural oil which keeps it hydrated and shiny. However, when you start using heat products on your hair, the products such as curling irons suck the oil out of the hair leaving it dry and brittle. This is mainly what causes the scalp to start itching, hence leading to the occurrence of dandruff.

Consequently, using heat on hair lowers the elasticity of the hair, which results in breakage. Therefore, if you love using heat on your hair, then you should consider using it occasionally, and only when you need to, but if it is not necessary, do not use it at all.

  1. Leads to Hair Loss

People with coarse and voluminous hair tend to think that using heat when the hair is wet is the solution to their hair problems. Using heat products such as a flat iron on wet hair is very dangerous as it burns your manes down.

  1. Heat makes the Hair look Dull

As you know by now, using heat products robs your hair off its natural oil. Your hair is shiny without you applying oil on it because of the oils that form an outer coating around your hair strands and scalp. These are the natural oils that make your hair shine. When you use too much heat on your hair, your scalp dries up and ends up looking dull. In addition to that, frequent use of heat products leads to split ends, which thins the hair and hinders it from growing.  

Therefore, using heat on your hair causes more damage than good, and for that reason, you should limit using heat products such as flat irons, straighteners, and curling irons on your hair.

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