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My Heatless Hair™ Flat Top Design

heatless hair curler
Package Includes:
(Choose from boxed or unboxed)

1x Plush Curler,
2 x Large Silk Scrunchies
2 x Small Silk Scrunchies
2 x Hair Clips

Upgrade to the latest limited edition flat top design. The My Heatless Hair Curler is easy to use and will save you time and effort when getting ready. No more frizzy hair and no more burns from hair curlers. Reduce heat damage, avoid messy hair, prevent hair breakage and damage.


Our heatless hair curlers made of super long plush, water-absorbent microfiber, which is easy to twist. This microfiber is very comfortable and can hold curls and prevent them from loosening


For best results, use My Heatless Hair Curler on damp hair and leave it in until hair is fully dry. This product is suitable for most hair lengths and types.


Each one of the heatless hair curling ribbons is hand-stitched. The top of the heatless curls headband is made of silk, both sides are made of soft plush material, the inner core of heatless curlers for long hair is made of high-quality EVA, which is easier to twist, has a longer working life than regular foam and cotton inner cores, is easier to maintain its shape.


heatless hair curler

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sheridan Coles
Best product EVER!!

I’ve always struggled with curling my hair myself but have always loved to have my hair curled and I saw one of my friends use this product and I instantly knew that I needed one so I got one and it’s been the best purchase I have ever made. It’s quick and easy and the curls look just like I’ve used a curling wand it’s AMAZING!!! Definitely recommend

Bianca Long
Perfect heatless curls

Absolutely love my my heatless hair curler! Wake up rolling out of bed with the prettiest curls everyday now! #iwokeuplikethis

Lucy McMillan
Suitable for anywhere

I used this almost every night for work and it was amazing. I decided to take it camping and test its limits and what I woke up with was flawless! Goes to show it works in any environment. Take that cowboys. I’m obsessed!

Paula Matthews
Heartless Hair Flat Top *****

The heartless hair flattop design hair curler is awesome. Easy to use and good to sleep in

Samantha Williams

Really love the product, does exactly as it says, so convenient waking up in the morning and my hair is curled. 🙌🏽🥰🥰